After 43 years in the business world, I retired for the final time in 2012. I had a great career at AT&T then Lucent Bell Labs developing a number of computerized switching and operations support systems such as billing and traffic control. I have worked at several startups, ran my own consulting business with my brother at Haskell Technologies, and taught Computer Science for 5 years at Franklin University in Columbus Ohio. It has been a great set of careers and I was fortunate enough work with great people on a wide range interesting projects and technologies.


Digital Photography has opened up a complete new era in imaging. My focus has been landscape, travel, and architectural photography with some work in portraits. My photo gallery is now at my Flickr photo site.


I have always liked to travel and now have the opportunity to visit the places that have always interested me. Destinations so far include England, France, Italy, Germany, Hawaii, California, and Arizona. Like many, I have my top 10 bucket list of places to visit and I enjoy planning for each adventure. And with my photography work, I can make a photo book to remember each trip.

Antique Radio

In the spring of 2010, I began a hobby of collecting and restoring antique/vintage radios, with a focus on those manufactured by Crosley Radio of Cincinnati. You can see some of my restoration and collection here on the Antique Radio page.

Other Interests

The best hobby in the world is spending time with your grandkids. My grandsons are Siler Haskell and Luke, Will, and Evan aka The Haskell Boys. Other interests include cycling, travel, history, and archaeology, the latter spawned by my son Dave's chosen career path.